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          • 公司简介

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                   必发88,成立于2010年7月份,公司注册资金1个亿,公司厂房面积为12000平方米;主要 经营范围:国内广告设计、制作、代理、发布,上门安装标识、标牌、LED及LCD显示屏系统、照明工程、装饰 工程的设计及施工;批发零售、LED及LCD显示屏、灯具;货物进出口。
                    Found in July, 2007,Fly Sign Design Co., Ltd spent 100 million as the registered capital and its plant area is 12000 square meters. Main business areas: Domestic advertising design, production, agency, releasing, visiting to install signs, labels, LED and LCD display system, illuminating engineering, the design and construction of decoration engineering, wholesale and retail, LED and LCD display, lamps and lanterns, import and export of goods.

                   公司以诚信经营,专注品质为宗旨,以对客户负责、对员工负责,实现社会价值为使命,专注于标识行业及 相关优先域的发展。主要以连锁品牌客户、结合单体大工程为主,多年的公司发展,形成了一个以设计、生产制 造、运输物流、工程安装、售后维修服务等一体化的综合性服务的公司,服务于客户,为客户提供整体性的解决 方案。
                   Based on good faith management and quality leadership, responsible for customers and employees, our company takes realizing social value as its mission and is dedicated to the development of sign industry and related industries. Mainly working on chain brand customers and combing individual big projects, our company has formed into a comprehensive service with design, production and manufacture, transportation logistics, engineering installation, after-sales maintenance service and so on through years of development, which can serve customers and provide overall solutions for customers.

            公司愿景:企业以轻松自由的状态,设计制造出高品质的标识产品来服务好客户。创造出高效益奉献给员 工、股东和社会,成为行业优质品牌!
            Company’s strategic plan: focus on industry innovation, integrating superior resources and build a well-known brand.
            Company’s vision: Company designs and produces high-quality sign products to serve customers and creates high benefits for the employees, shareholders and society
            Company’s mission: be responsible for customers and employees and realize social value. Company’s value: in the principle of good faith management and quality.
            Our principle: create win-win value.